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Rip & Ship

Must be 18 years or older to
complete a purchase, otherwise
parental permission is required.

TikTok & Twitch: devanimecards
Instagram: pokedev28

How It Works

Every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00PM EST we dual stream on TikTok & Twitch and comb through the pre-order list in a First Come First Served fashion. All orders are opened on stream!

We start our evening with the Pre-orders Giveaway, in which each person who pre-orders before the live event will be thrown into a raffle. We spin the wheel and select a winner at random. The winner will receive up to two different packs selected at random from the table.

All orders not claimed within 21 days (3 weeks) will be donated!

Pre-Order Information

There is a $10 one-time shipping fee for the week if you live in the US, otherwise it is a $20 one-time international fee. You can order as much as you would like, and that shipping fee will not change.

Ca$h App: $devanimecards
Venmo: @devanimecards

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your pre-order successfully, in your payment description please be sure to include the following:
– what set(s) you are buying
– how many packs/boxes
– your social platform username (essentially a way that I can contact you)

Then be sure to send me your mailing address via Direct Message on Discord or TikTok to officially complete your pre-order. At which point your name will be added to our pre-order-list.

Shipment Schedule

We aim to ship every Monday afternoon. Arrives Wednesday – Friday later that week.

Set Pricing & Availability


PokemonShining Fates$8$75/1023
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets$7$10864


PokemonAlter Genesis$4N/A13
PokemonBattle Region$5$9071
PokemonBlue Sky Stream$4.5N/A7
PokemonChampions Road$4.5$12546
PokemonDark Phantasma$5$9592
PokemonDouble Blaze$4N/A13
PokemonDream League$10N/A4
PokemonFull Metal Wall$4$9580
PokemonFusion Arts$4N/A7
PokemonGG End$4$9055
PokemonIncandescent Arcana$5$9580
PokemonJet Black Spirit$4N/A18
PokemonLegendary Heartbeat$5$9547
PokemonLost Abyss$4$9587
PokemonMiracle Twins$4.5N/A6
PokemonPokemon GoN/A$9520
PokemonPokemon Go Promo$3N/A5
PokemonRemix Bout$4.5N/A22
PokemonShiny Star V$15$14042
PokemonSingle Strike$4N/A21
PokemonSky Legend$4N/A20
PokemonSpace Juggler$4$9545
PokemonTag Bolt$9.50N/A14
PokemonTag Team GX Allstars$38$36518
PokemonTime Gazer$4$9539
PokemonTowering Perfection$4$9042
PokemonVMAX Climax$10$9545
PokemonVolt Tackle$4.5N/A16
Weiss SchwarzAssault Lily Bouquet$7$10864
Weiss SchwarzBang Dream! 5th Anniversary$7$10848
Weiss SchwarzDarling in the Franxx$9.5$14274
Weiss SchwarzDate A Live Vol. 2$7$10848
Weiss SchwarzDate A Live: Date A BulletN/A$9618
Weiss SchwarzFujimi Fantasia Bunko$7$108138
Weiss SchwarzHololive Production$8$11696
Weiss SchwarzHololive Super Premium 2022N/A$11024
Weiss SchwarzIs it Wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? (Danmachi)$7$10850
Weiss SchwarzJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind$7$10814
Weiss SchwarzLove is War$7$10875
Weiss SchwarzMarvel Card Collection$8$12896
Weiss SchwarzMs Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid$7$10859
Weiss SchwarzMushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation$7$10857
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets Vol. 2$8$11648
Weiss SchwarzRascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Vol. 2$8$11645
Weiss SchwarzRe:Zero Starting Life in Another World Vol. 2$8$11616
Weiss SchwarzSAO Alicization Vol. 2$8$11658
Weiss SchwarzSteins; Gate$7$10864
Weiss SchwarzThat Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1$8$11660
Weiss SchwarzThat Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 2$7$10848
Weiss SchwarzTokyo Revengers$7$10864
Weiss SchwarzYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs$8$11616


Goddess StoryAssorted Goddess Story Promos$538
Goddess StoryNS-02$763
Goddess StoryNS-03`$763
Goddess StoryNS-04$763
Goddess StoryNS-05$764
Goddess StoryNS-06$762
Goddess StoryNS-02M03$763
Goddess StoryNS-02M04$763
Goddess StoryNS-02M05$765
Goddess StoryNS-02M06$762
Goddess StoryNS-02M07$763
Goddess StoryNS-05M04$863
Goddess StoryNS-05M05$868
Goddess StoryNS-05M05 “Online”$965
Goddess StoryNS-05M06$863
Goddess StoryNS-05M06 “Online”$961
Goddess StoryNS-10M02$861
Goddess StoryNS-10M03$963
Goddess CarnivalNSKH-01$965
Demon SlayerGM-004$965
Dragon Ball ZDBS-10-1$961
Dragon Ball ZLZ01-05$861
Dragon Ball ZDB01-05$861
One PieceOP-02-10$969
One PieceOP-05M02$861
Maiden PartySNPD-5-4 (Girl Party Vol. 4)$9626
Moe Girls DomainMN-2005$962
Cherry Blossom KissCC-1001$962
Cherry Blossom Kiss Vol. 2CC-2001$965
Secret GardenMM-5-001$962
The Card of GodSC-2005$862

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