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How It Works

Every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00PM EST we dual stream our live event on TikTok & Twitch (@devanimecards) and comb through the pre-order list in a First Come First Served fashion. We can ship sealed.

How Our Pricing Is Calculated

((Price That I Pay For Product) + (*Markup)) + (8.875% Tax) = Product Price (rounded to the nearest dollar)

The tax is added AFTER the *Markup is applied. (i.e., $50 + 25% = $62.5, then $62.5 + 8.8875%) = $68.

*Markup: For all product that I purchase over $100, *Markup will be 18%. For all product that I purchase under $100, *Markup will be 25%.

**To stay competitive and meet the markets demand & pricing, every 30 days all product pricing is re-evaluated. If the market price of a product is LESS than what I had initially paid, the formula gets adjusted to the lesser of the two.

How our Shipping Operates

We ship out all orders every Monday afternoon via USPS. Shipping time is usually 2-4 days (7-14 days international). Tracking can be provided on request.

Shipping Fee: $10

Shipping Fee: $20

The shipping fee is WAIVED for all orders sent in during a shipping cycle (Monday to Sunday) that accumulate to $100 or more. If international, shipping fee is reduced to $10.

Order Information

Ca$h App: $devanimecards
Venmo: @devanimecards

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your pre-order successfully, in your payment description please be sure to include the following:
– what set(s) you are buying
– how many packs/boxes
– your social platform username (essentially a way that I can contact you)

Then be sure to send me your mailing address via Direct Message on Discord or TikTok to officially complete your pre-order. At which point your name will be added to our pre-order-list.

Pricing & Availability


BrandNameBox PriceBox Quantity
PokemonDark Phantasma$992
PokemonScarlet EX$1151
PokemonSnow Hazard$1023
PokemonSpace Juggler$1221
PokemonTriple Beat$1091
PokemonVMAX Climax$2001
PokemonVSTAR Universe$1103
Weiss SchwarzIs It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?$982
Weiss SchwarzJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind$882
Weiss SchwarzLove is War$653
Weiss SchwarzMs. Kobayashi Dragonmaid$1021
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets The Movie$791
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets Vol. 2$1271
Weiss SchwarzSAO Alicization Vol. 2$981
Weiss SchwarzSteins; Gate$1031
Weiss SchwarzTokyo Revengers$682


Pull Boxes

NamePrice Per Pull
Chinese Pull Box (Gold Cards, Maiden Party, etc.)$10

Box Sets

BrandNameBox PriceBox Quantity
One PieceOP02-10$552

Custom Signed Cards

Buy 2 for $45
Buy 3 for $60
Buy 3+ for $20/each
Shipping Fee $5

ImageNameCard PriceCard Quantity
Asuka Langley$253
Ayaka Kamisato$252
Boa Hancock$253
Emilia Romanji$251
Hinata Uzumaki$251
Ichka Nakano$251
Itsuki Nakano$252
Joan of Arc (Alter)$251
Kaguya Shinomiya$252
Kurumi Tokisaki$253
Mai Sakurajima$252
Marin Kitagawa$251
Miku Nakano$252
Mitsuri Kanroji$253
Nezuko Kamado$251
Nino Nakano$252
Raiden Shogun$251
Rei Ayanami$252
Saber (Alter)$252
Shen he$252
Shinobu Kocho$254
Yae Miko$253
Yotsuba Nakano$252
Zero Two$254

Computer Keyboard & Mouse Pads

Shipping Fee $5 per mat (max $10).

ImageNameMat PriceMat Quantity
Azur Lane Akagi & Kaga$402
Azur Lane Akagi, Kaga & Special Guest Narmaya$402
Azur Lane Choukai, Takao & Atago$402
Azur Lane Taihou, Yat Sen, Monarch & Special Guest Narmaya$402
Evangelion Asuka Langley$351
Evangelion Rei Ayanami$401
Genshin Impact Keqing, Ganyu & Ayaka$402
Overlord Albedo #1$351
Overlord Albedo #2$351
Pokemon Nessa, Hilda, Cynthia, Marnie & Bea$402
Pokemon Rosa, May, Dawn, Hilda, Serena, Mallow,
Lilie, Selene & Cynthia
Quintessential Quintuplets Ichka, Yotsuba, Miku, Itsuki & Nino Nakano$402
Re:Zero Rem & Emilia$401
Re:Zero Rem & Ram$352