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Rip & Ship

Must be 18 years or older to
complete a purchase, otherwise
parental permission is required.

TikTok: pokedev11
Twitch VIP: pokedev28
Instagram: pokedev28

How It Works

Every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00PM EST we dual stream on TikTok & Twitch and comb through the pre-order list in a First Come First Served fashion. All orders are opened on stream!

We start our evening with the Pre-orders Giveaway, in which each person who pre-orders before the live event will be thrown into a raffle. We spin the wheel and select a winner at random. The winner will receive two different packs selected at random from the table.

All orders not claimed within 21 days (3 weeks) will be donated!

Pre-Order Information

There is a $10 one-time shipping fee for the week. You can order as much as you would like, and that shipping fee will not change.

I am happy to hold your orders for up to 3 weeks should you need me too.

Ca$h App: $pokedev28
Venmo: @pokedev28

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your pre-order successfully, in your payment description please be sure to include the following:
– what pack you are buying
– how many packs
– your TikTok username

Then be sure to send me your mailing address via Direct Message on Discord or TikTok to officially complete your pre-order. At which point your name will be added to our pre-order-list.

Shipment Schedule

We aim to ship every Monday afternoon. Arrives Wednesday – Friday later that week.

$25-35 international 7-14 day shipping. Inquire for more information!

Pack Pricing & Availability



NameShorthandPack PricePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining
Hidden Fateshf$22.510N/A7
Shining Fatessf$8.510N/A11
NameShorthandPack PricePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining
Battle Stylesbs$536N/A22
Brilliant Starsbstars$5.5036N/A28
Darkness Ablazeda$536N/A21
Fusion Strikefs$536N/A16
Vivid Voltagevv$536N/A6


NameShorthandPack PricePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining
Tag Team GX Allstarstta$3810N/A10
VMAX Climaxvmaxc$12.510$115.55
NameShorthandPack PricePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining
Alter Genesisag$530N/A21
Battle Region*br$6.530$119.591
Blue Sky Streambss$630N/A29
Champions Roadcrd$6.530$14745
Double Blazedb$530N/A14
Dream Leaguedl$10.530N/A14
Eevee Heroeseh$630N/A21
Full Metal Wallfmw$530$122.593
Fusion Artsfa$530$11650
GG Endgg$530$102.555
Jet Black Spiritjbs$530N/A22
Legendary Heartbeatlh$6.520$11750
Matchless Fightersmf$530N/A12
Miracle Twinsmt$630N/A21
Night Unisonnu$530N/A19
Remix Boutrb$530$14163
Single Strikess$530N/A21
Sky Legendsl$530$11732
Space Jugglersj$530N/A28
Star Birthsb$530N/A2
Tag Bolttb$930N/A26
Time Gazertg$530$10853
Towering Perfectiontp$530$10054
Volt Tacklevt$630N/A17

Weiss Schwarz

NameShorthandPack PricePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining
Bang Dream! 5th Anniversarybd5$7.516N/A2
Darling in the Franxxdf$916$132.579
Hololive Productionholo$816$11696
Hololive Super Expo 2022holo22N/A6$10018
Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?wpgd$816$12040
JoJo’s Bizzarre Adventurejjba$816$11630
Marvel Card Collectionmarv$11.516$166.555
Ms Kobayashi’s Dragon Maidkdm$816$11664
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnationmtjr$816$12064
No Game No Lifengnl$816N/A8
Project Sekai Colorful Stagepscs$1016N/A15
Quintessential Quintupletsqq$816$12058
Rent A Girlfriendragj$916N/A6
Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World Vol 2rezero$816$118.548
SAO Alicization Vol 2sao$816$12095
That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slimetrs$10.516$14245
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springsyhhs$10.516$156.571

Goddess Story

NamePacks Per BoxBox PriceBoxes Remaining

Moe Girls Domain

NamePacks Per BoxBox PriceBoxes Remaining

Maiden Party

NamePacks Per BoxBox PriceBoxes Remaining

Maiden Feast

NamePacks Per BoxBox PricePacks Remaining


NamePacks Per BoxBox PriceBoxes Remaining
Girls Frontline24$961
Goddess and Beauty20$962
Heavenly Girl20$962

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