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Must be 18 years or older to
complete a purchase, otherwise
parental permission is required.

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How It Works

Every Tuesday & Friday at 9:00PM EST we dual stream on TikTok & Twitch and comb through the pre-order list in a First Come First Served fashion. All orders are opened on stream!

Pre-Order Information

There is a $10 one-time shipping fee for the week if you live in the US, otherwise it is a $20 one-time international fee. You can order as much as you would like, and that shipping fee will not change.

Ca$h App: $devanimecards
Venmo: @devanimecards

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your pre-order successfully, in your payment description please be sure to include the following:
– what set(s) you are buying
– how many packs/boxes
– your social platform username (essentially a way that I can contact you)

Then be sure to send me your mailing address via Direct Message on Discord or TikTok to officially complete your pre-order. At which point your name will be added to our pre-order-list.

Shipment Schedule

We aim to ship every Monday afternoon. Arrives Wednesday – Friday later that week for domestic orders, 7-12 business days for international orders.

All orders not claimed within 21 days (3 weeks) will be donated!

Set Pricing & Availability


BrandNameBox PriceBoxesPack PriceLoose Packs
PokemonShining FatesN/A0$8 $711
PokemonLost Origin$142 $1361$5 $436
PokemonSilver Tempest$142 $1361$5 $436


BrandNameBox PriceBoxesPack PriceLoose Packs
PokemonAlter GenesisN/A0$4 $35
PokemonBattle RegionN/A0$6 $525
PokemonChampions Road$160 $1421$6 $516
PokemonDark Phantasma$96 $863$5 $4.512
PokemonGG EndN/A0$4 $3.517
PokemonIncandescent Arcana$108 $961$6 $519
PokemonJet Black SpiritN/A0$4 $3.514
PokemonLegendary Heartbeat$142 $1282$7.5 $6.7517
PokemonLost Abyss$108 $962$4 $3.514
PokemonParadigm Trigger$108 $963N/A0
PokemonPokemon Go$96 $861N/A0
PokemonPokemon Go PromoN/A0$35
PokemonRemix BoutN/A0$5 $4.517
PokemonShiny Star V$142 $1282N/A0
PokemonSingle StrikeN/A0$4 $3.511
PokemonSky LegendN/A0$4 $3.513
PokemonSpace Juggler$96 $862$4 $311
PokemonTag BoltN/A0$9.5 $810
PokemonTag Team GX AllstarsN/A0$38 $354
PokemonTime Gazer$96 $862$4 $36
PokemonTowering Perfection$108 $961$4 $3.53
PokemonVMAX Climax$128 $1163$13 $124
PokemonVolt TackleN/A0$6 $511
Weiss SchwarzBang Dream! 5th Anniversary$108 $961N/A0
Weiss SchwarzDarling in the Franxx$142 $1281$9.5 $8.510
Weiss SchwarzDate A Live: Date A Bullet$96 $861N/A0
Weiss SchwarzHololive Super Premium 2022$108 $962N/A0
Weiss SchwarzHololive Production$165 $1420N/A0
Weiss SchwarzIs it Wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? (Danmachi)$108 $963$7 $613
Weiss SchwarzJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind$108 $964$7 $614
Weiss SchwarzLove is War$108 $963$7 $65
Weiss SchwarzMarvel Card Collection$128 $1161$8.5 $7.50
Weiss SchwarzMs Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid$108 $963$7 $611
Weiss SchwarzMushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation$108 $963N/A0
Weiss SchwarzNo Game No Life$156 $1424N/A0
Weiss SchwarzOverlord Vol. 1$180 $1651N/A0
Weiss SchwarzOverlord Vol. 2$108 $967N/A0
Weiss SchwarzPixar$116 $1081N/A0
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets Vol. 2$108 $963N/A0
Weiss SchwarzQuintessential Quintuplets Movie$108 $962N/A0
Weiss SchwarzRascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Vol. 2N/A0$8 $77
Weiss SchwarzRe: Zero Starting Life in Another World Vol. 2$180 $1652N/A0
Weiss SchwarzSAO Alicization Vol. 2$116 $962$8 $72
Weiss SchwarzSneaker Kadokawa Bunko$156 $1423N/A0
Weiss SchwarzSteins; Gate$108 $963N/A0
Weiss SchwarzThat Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1$128 $1162$8.5 $7.56
Weiss SchwarzThat Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 2$108 $961N/A0
Weiss SchwarzTokyo Revengers$108 $963$7 $65


BrandNameBox PriceBoxes
Goddess StoryAssorted Goddess Story Promos$5 $349 packs
Goddess StoryNS-02$76 $502
Goddess StoryNS-03$76 $503
Goddess StoryNS-04$76 $501
Goddess StoryNS-05$76 $503
Goddess StoryNS-06$76 $502
Goddess StoryNS-02M03$76 $504
Goddess StoryNS-02M04$76 $503
Goddess StoryNS-02M05$76 $501
Goddess StoryNS-02M06$76 $502
Goddess StoryNS-02M07$76 $503
Goddess StoryNS-05M04$86 $653
Goddess StoryNS-05M05$86 $654
Goddess StoryNS-05M05 “Online”$96 $764
Goddess StoryNS-05M06$86 $653
Goddess StoryNS-05M06 “Online”$96 $763
Goddess StoryNS-10M01$96 $763
Goddess StoryNS-10M03$96 $765
Goddess StoryNS-10M04$96 $767
Goddess CarnivalNSKH-01$96 $764
Demon SlayerGM-004$96 $765
One PieceOP-02-10$96 $763
One PieceOP-05M02$86 $501
Maiden PartySNPD-5-4 (Girl Party Vol. 4)$96 $76 (!)15
Cherry Blossom KissCC-1001$96 $502
Cherry Blossom Kiss Vol. 2CC-2001$96 $504
Secret GardenMM-5-001$96 $502
The Card of GodSC-2005$86 $502

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