Vincent Ragosta

September Giveaway

NS-2M03 Box (Goddess Story)

Giveaway Rules

You have the opportunity to gain multiple entries into this Giveaway. It is one entry for each live event that you place an order within a months time. Its that easy!

Giveaway Prize

  • NS-2M03 (30 packs, 6 cards per pack)

How To Win

Below is a list of all Giveaway participants with an assigned number. On August 5th, we will put all participants into a numbered Duck Race and run the race to select our winner.

Giveaway Participants

1Johnny DaSilva
2Jonathan Powell
3Miguel Gallardo
4John Kidwell
5John Kidwell
6Miguel Gallardo
7Miguel Gallardo
8Jonathan Powell
9Simeon Vang
10Jonathan Powell
11Jonathan Powell
12Jonathan Powell
13Christian Cabanas
14Michael Peters
15Brandon Fay
16Coley Tierney
17Christian Grod
18Michael Peters
19Michael Peters
20Brandon Fay
21Michael Peters
22Michael Peters
23Michael Peters
24Coley Tierney
25Brandon Fay
26Zac Whitcomb
27Ashleigh Glassie
28Coley Tierney
29Coley Tierney
30Michael Peters
31Fabian Reyes
32Michael Peters
33Michael Peters
34Fabian Reyes
35Brandon Fay
36Michael Peters
37Brandon Fay
38Michael Peters
39Taylor Green
40Fabian Reyes
41Michael Peters
42Brandon Fay
43Austin Robinson
44Elijio Vera
45Eduardo Segura
46Jose Gonzalez
47Brian Booher
48Eduardo Segura
49Marlyen Nudel
50Cody H
51Eduardo Segura
52Ken Benage
53Ken Benage
54Cody Lawrence
55Ken Benage