Vincent Ragosta

Rip & Ship

Must be 18 years or older to
complete a purchase, otherwise
parental permission is required.

The next Rip & Ship is Wednesday at 9:30 PM EST on Twitch!

How It Works

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9:30PM EST we go live on TikTok & Twitch and comb through the pre-order list (down below) in a First Come First Served fashion.

Pre-Order Information

There is a $7 one-time shipping fee for all cards.

Ca$h App: $pokedev28
Venmo: @pokedev28

IMPORTANT: In order to complete your pre-order successfully, in your payment description please be sure to include the following:
– what pack you are buying
– how many packs
– your platform username

Then be sure to send me your mailing address via Direct Message to officially complete your pre-order. I will respond with a confirmation. At which point your name will be added to our pre-order-list.

Your order will be refunded if there is any missing information.

Pack Pricing & Availability

Packs# Remaining
Allstars – $35/pack0
Alter Genesis – $6/pack17
Battle Styles – $6/pack0
Blue Sky Stream – $8/pack21
Celebrations – $15/pack0
Champions Path – $15/pack0
Champions Road – $7/pack1
Chilling Reign – $7/pack35
Dark Order – $5/pack84
Darkness Ablaze – $9/pack0
Date A Live – $8/pack40
Dragon Ball Z: Big Bang – $7/pack0
Dragon Ball Z: Colossal Warfare – $8/pack0
Dragon Ball Z: Cross Spirits – $7/pack29
Dragon Ball Z: Supreme Rivalry – $7/pack14
Dragon Ball Z: Vicious Rejuvenation – $9/pack0
Digimon: Battle of Omni – $6/pack11
Digimon: Great Legends – $4/pack0
Double Blaze – $7/pack24
Dream League Japanese – $9/pack0
Eevee Heroes Japanese – $8/pack55
Evolving Skies – $8/pack27
Explosion Impact/ Super Burst – $7/pack13
Fusion Arts – $7/pack70
Hololive – $12/pack32
Legendary Heartbeat – $6/pack40
Matchless Fighters – $5/pack0
Miracle Twins – $6/pack17
Night Unison – $5/pack23
Perfect Skyscraper/Towering Perfection – $7/pack39
Quintessential Quintuplets – $8/pack0
Rapid Strike – $5/pack27
Rent-A-Girlfriend – $8/pack29
Seven Deadly Sins – $6/pack0
Shining Fates – $10/pack10
Shiny Star V – $24/pack56
Single Strike – $5/pack0
Sky Legends – $5/pack0
Ultra Force – $8/pack7
Vivid Voltage – $7/pack57
VMAX Rising – $5/pack14
# Available will be updated as the packs are purchased.

Shipment Schedule

We aim to ship every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

$50 international shipping to Europe.

$25 5-day shipping to Canada.

Pack Battles

Its a Winner takes all pack battle with however many participants that have entered the battle! The winner is decided by market price of the rare(st) card in the pack. We use for all English packs and for all Japanese. Good Luck everyone!

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