Vincent Ragosta

April Giveaway

Prize: Fusion Arts booster box

Giveaway Rules

You have the opportunity to gain multiple entries into this Giveaway. It is one entry per day giveaway. In order to participate, you must satisfy one of the two scenarios:

Giveaway Prize

  • Fusion Arts (30 packs, 5 cards per pack)

How To Win

Below is a list of all Giveaway participants with an assigned number. On May 3rd, we will put all numbers into a wheel and spin it to select our winner. The winner MUST BE PRESENT on May 3rd to claim their prize! The winner has ~15 seconds to claim their prize, otherwise we will keep spinning until we have a winner.

Giveaway Participants

1Ryan Ford
2Brenden Stay
3Ryan Ford
4Ryan Ford
5Ryan Ford
6Brenden Stay
7Samuel Marcano
8Ryan Ford
9Brian Booher
10Sueng Le
11Samuel Marcano
12Jonathan Powell
13Dylan Slater
14Daniel Robles
15Guadelupe Meza
16Jonathan Powell
17Dylan Slater
18Miguel Gallardo
19Daniel Robles
20Justin Winfield
21Jonathan Powell
22Brian Booher
23Miguel Gallardo
24Brenden Stay
25Brandon Fay
26Robert Reed
27Christopher Carrozza
28Trent Jefcoat
29Brenden Stay
30Marcus Cuevas
31Christian Lopez
32Taylor Green
33Christian Lopez
34Trent Jefcoat
35Brandon Fay
36Robert Reed
37Christian Lopez
38Trent Jefcoat
39Megan Wirtzfeld
40Robert Reed
41Wagner Jacinto
42Ben Kanti
43Christopher Solis
44Samantha Lipinski
45Taylor Green
46Brandon Fay
47Zack Wyborney
48Robert Reed
49Christopher Solis
50Justin Lucks
51Arthur Uscamayta
52Robert Reed
53Daisy Cruz
54Christopher Solis
55Christopher Hayes
56Alex Valles
57Austin Robinson
58Alex Valles
59Marcel Cortez
60Brandon Fay
61Austin Robinson
62Daisy Cruz
63Trent Jefcoat
64Christopher Solis
65Nikky Orbe
66Ben Kanti
67Nick Weigner
68Christopher Solis
69Daisy Cruz
70Nikky Orbe
71David Saevang
72Trent Jefcoat
73Austin Robinson
74Chris Youmans
75Brandon Fay
76Austin Robinson
77Brandon Fay
78Austin Robinson
79Mariano Reyes
80Alex Valles
81Marcel Cortez
82Chris Youmans
83Alex Valles
84Austin Robinson
85Robert Reed
86Christopher Solis
87Alex Valles
88Alex Valles
89Casey Halloran
90Austin Robinson
91JR Espinoza
92Kyli RObinson
93Brian Booher
94Victoria Aquino
95Cullen Snider
96Jeff Dominici
97David Mays
98Dylan Slater
101Steve Vellieux
102Kody Bowles
104Will E Life
105Patrick Seiber
106Austin Robinson
107Brenden Stay
108Jessica Perrin
109Cullen Snider
110John Soto
111Dylan Slater
112Kyli Robinson
113Austin Robinson
114Nick Weigner
115Brenden Stay
116David Mays
117Kaleb Johnson
118John Soto
119Wagner Jacinto
120Fabian Garcia
121Corey Cunningham
122Steve Vellieux
123David Mays
124Jordan Tijerina
125Jose Gonzalez
126Brenden Stay
127Victoria Aquino
128Fabian Garcia
129Kenneth Alaska
130Kaleb Johnson
131Kyli Robinson
132Austin Robinson
133Kaleb Johnson
134Brian Booher
135Justin Dimarzo
136Bailey Daniels
137Ramiro Gomez
138Kyli Robinson
139Austin Robinson
140Christopher Hayes
141Fabian Garcia
142Kyli Robinson
143Jose Gonzalez
144Jordan Tijerina
145Christopher Hayes
146Eli Paredes
147Nick Weigner
148Joshua Maine
149Jordan Tijerina
150Juan Castrejon
151Eli Paredes
152Jose Gonzalez
153Jordan Tijerina
154Ramiro Gomez
155Victoria Aquino
156David Mays
157Christopher Hayes
158Jeff Dominici
160Christopher Hayes
161David Mays
162Kyli Robinson
163Brenden Norman
164Adrian Goytia
165Christopher Hayes